Big Butt Bear!  Going up the stairs!  Flying through the air like ya just don’t care!

I’m Big Butt Bear, the Internet’s favorite stuffed animal.  I’m a real teddy bear living in Yorktown Heights, NY with Wesley and his family.  Originally from Texas, I’m a big fan of BARBECUE and I have a lot of friends you’ll meet soon.  Thanks for visiting my site!
IMPORTANT!: While this website is child friendly, we request adult supervision at all times when on this website. Thank you!

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  1. Julia olivier says:

    you rock bigbuttbear! can you climb a tree and fall out land in a wagen and go on a very cool ride? dear sam and wes you rock to!!!

    =) its a smile!!!!!!!

  2. BigButtBear says:

    sure no problem. will do it in the winter olympics.

  3. Caroline Nachman says:

    What made you come up with having a web show?

    • BigButtBear says:

      The big television networks don’t want me! Something about that video with the snake and the tea kettle made them angry — they said I like to run races too much, or something like that. So I’m on the Internet instead!

  4. Jack Leone says:

    Hey Big Butt Bear my name is Jack! I think your videos are very funny and interesting. I’ve been watching your videos for like 2 years. I also have one question. When did you start making Big Butt Bear videos?

    • BigButtBear says:

      Hi Jack! Thanks for commenting! I’ve been making Big Butt Bear videos for a long time! I believe I’ve been doing it since 2010. That’s the last video I remember making for a long time. For a while it was on puppet shows (which can seen here on BigButtBear.com), then I went on to doing elevator trips with Wesley between 2011 and 2016, and followed by that was a lot more trains (between 2012 and the present). I did a train video with Wesley in 2010 before he got into elevators, he’s still into them but he’s starting to like the trains better. So I hope that answers your question.

  5. Wilber lara says:

    Big butt bear I love seeing railfanning videos and I like Metro North trains.

  6. Wilber lara says:

    Don’t forget the funniest letter Itch butt bear were itch do you itch.

  7. Wilber lara says:

    Did you survive in the nor’easter storm?

  8. Wilber lara says:

    Big butt bear do you like MTA trains ?

  9. Wilber lara says:

    Did you know that bottle flipping is the most popular game especially for children. Is simple you flip the bottle and it lands up- right.

  10. Wilber lara says:

    Big butt bear your not the only stuffed animal group there is the other stuffed animal group you can be friends. Here is mines. Bluebird (owner of the adopting stuffed animals), Piggy (commander of Bluebird), Rachel, doggy, Nemo, Michel the fish, rainbow bear, Josh the otter, stegosurus, Matthew bear, Jordan the dog ( garuidan of the house, Marshall ( NEWEST member), froggy, pinky, ducky and Nicole the white bear.

  11. Wilber lara says:

    They have a new procedure of thunderstorms. It is simple, when a thunderstorm warning is warned you must say: attention all suffed animals we have a thunderstorm coming please remain calm. Turn pff devices that are charged or not w/ cell phones off. Meet me at a safe place w/ no windos such as a closet or bathroom. Of is is a non- threat storm is is ok to stay in place if it is use that for protection.

  12. Wilber lara says:

    I went to bear Mt. Last week friday. I don’t know which track passes the MNR WHEN I was in the big butt bear bridge.

  13. Wilber lara says:

    I saw a video i dont need my hearing anyways railfan and the leading shoreliner RS2M horn is so long to people who trail must step back.

  14. Wilber lara says:

    Hello are you dead big butt bear?

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