Big Butt Bear!  Going up the stairs!  Flying through the air like ya just don’t care!

I’m Big Butt Bear, the Internet’s favorite stuffed animal.  I’m a real teddy bear living in Yorktown Heights, NY with Wesley and his family.  Originally from Texas, I’m a big fan of BARBECUE and I have a lot of friends you’ll meet soon.  Thanks for visiting my site!

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  1. Julia olivier says:

    you rock bigbuttbear! can you climb a tree and fall out land in a wagen and go on a very cool ride? dear sam and wes you rock to!!!

    =) its a smile!!!!!!!

  2. BigButtBear says:

    sure no problem. will do it in the winter olympics.

  3. Caroline Nachman says:

    What made you come up with having a web show?

    • BigButtBear says:

      The big television networks don’t want me! Something about that video with the snake and the tea kettle made them angry — they said I like to run races too much, or something like that. So I’m on the Internet instead!

  4. Jack Leone says:

    Hey Big Butt Bear my name is Jack! I think your videos are very funny and interesting. I’ve been watching your videos for like 2 years. I also have one question. When did you start making Big Butt Bear videos?

    • BigButtBear says:

      Hi Jack! Thanks for commenting! I’ve been making Big Butt Bear videos for a long time! I believe I’ve been doing it since 2010. That’s the last video I remember making for a long time. For a while it was on puppet shows (which can seen here on BigButtBear.com), then I went on to doing elevator trips with Wesley between 2011 and 2016, and followed by that was a lot more trains (between 2012 and the present). I did a train video with Wesley in 2010 before he got into elevators, he’s still into them but he’s starting to like the trains better. So I hope that answers your question.

  5. Wilber lara says:

    Big butt bear I love seeing railfanning videos and I like Metro North trains.

  6. Wilber lara says:

    Don’t forget the funniest letter Itch butt bear were itch do you itch.

  7. Wilber lara says:

    Did you survive in the nor’easter storm?

  8. Wilber lara says:

    Big butt bear do you like MTA trains ?

  9. Wilber lara says:

    Did you know that bottle flipping is the most popular game especially for children. Is simple you flip the bottle and it lands up- right.

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