Trains At Tarrytown With Some New Friends

Me And Wesley Wanted To Ride Some Elevator’s And Look At Some Trains. The Places We Went To Is The Hillton In Pearl River NY And The Tarrytown NY Metro North Station. While We Were At Tarrytown Wesley Saw Three People Watching The Train And Went To The Elevator To Go Home. Then Wesley Said Hey Were You Looking At The Trains. They Said Yes They Were Doing Exactly What We Were Doing. There Names Were Mike,Josh And Sophia. Sophia Was An Elevator Fan And Josh Was A Train Fan. Trust Me We Had A Lot of Fun Together. Ho Ho! Um Is It Just Me Or Did I See BBQ While They Were Watching Trains??

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3 Responses to Trains At Tarrytown With Some New Friends

  1. Josh\Sophia\Mike says:

    Hi Wesley, it ‘s Josh\Sophia\Mike. we watched your vidoe thank you for including us in it.

    Josh Sophia & Mike

  2. BigButtBear says:

    We Would Be More Than Happy To Do This Again At Another Station Or Take A Ride,

  3. BigButtBear says:

    And Your More Than Welcome For Being Included As Guests In Train Videos.

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