86th Street Subway Station

This is the 86th Street Subway Station located on the Upper West Side of New York City. This station services the B and C trains. The B train operates Kawasaki R68A Trains while the C train operates two different kinds of trains such as the R32 and R160. This is one of a couple of 86th Street stations on the MTA New York City Subway. This station is just across the street from Central Park. This is a nice and convenient station right here in New York City.

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Elevator with Searsline Fixtures

So this is the elevator at Sears in the Jefferson Valley Mall. This elevator has Adams fixtures. However this exact fixture brand is seen in Sear’s elevators all over the country. So they are refereed to as “Searsline”. Wesley decided that would be a good fit for these fixtures because most Sears elevators look like this. This fixture is used everywhere in Sears stores.

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Croton-Harmon Station

Here I am at the Croton-Harmon station in Cortlandt, New York. As you can see I am on the sign! Croton-Harmon is a big deal station. Not only is this station for the Metro North Railroad Hudson Line, this station is also a hub for the Amtrak Empire Corridor. On Amtrak you can go to a lot of places such as Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, Niagara Falls, Toronto in Canada, and even far away places such as Chicago, Illinois! This is a big deal station for Amtrak. Watching trains here never get’s old. There are just so many of them! Third rail also ends at this station so all of the northbound trains that continue north of this station are diesel. Unlike the Wassaic, Danbury and Waterbury branches of the New Haven and Harlem lines, Metro North operates diesel trains on the Hudson Line all day every day. Ho ho! That’s awesome!

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Goldens Bridge Station

This is a photo of the sign at Goldens Bridge. Goldens Bridge is a very cute sub urban community in Northern Westchester County, New York. The Goldens Bridge Station is 43.7 miles away from Grand Central Terminal. This station serves the Metro North Railroad Harlem Line. Mostly electric trains stop here. There are about eight diesel trains that run during the rush hours on weekdays and four of those diesel trains stop at this station while the other four do not stop at this station. However, there are two diesel trains that operate on weekends and they both stop at this station. Diesel trains are used to travel up to Wassaic and back to Grand Central Terminal. All of the other trains terminate at Southeast. Southeast is the northern most station the electric trains can go, go figure. But anyways, that’s the story, ho ho!.

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I have fans in Oklahoma!

I have fans everywhere!

Wesley’s train and elevator videos are really popular with the locals, they’re popular with the railfan and elevator photography communities, and they’re popular with kids who just love to follow THE BEAR who rides trains, eats BBQ, and occasionally gets knocked over by flying sports equipment.

A big shout-out to my fans Garrett and Gentry, who watch my videos all the way out in Oklahoma!

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Yesterday was Taco Tuesday


Me and Wesley had tacos for dinner last night. TACO TUESDAY!! Shells and lettuce and cheese and meat and sour cream and hot sauce and tex-mex goodies! It ain’t barbecue but it’s darn tasty! Yes, we know … “it’s not real mexican food, it’s tex-mex” … yeah whatever! I like it! Glen Bell is my favorite taco guy! Ho Ho!

What’s your favorite kind of taco? Tell us down in the comment section. Wesley likes pulled pork tacos. Wesley’s dad loves the carnitas. Me, I’m just a regular ground beef taco kind of bear!

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Throwback video to 2013

We visited the Spring Hill Suites in Morgantown, West Virginia. This was Wesley’s first time staying in West Virginia. It was a stop on the way to Lexington, Kentucky. We went to the Aldersgate convention there.

The lobby was air conditioned, a nice welcome on such a hot summer day. It had all of the usual hotel features … a business center, meeting rooms, fitness center, and coin-op dryers (I didn’t know Speed Queen still made stuff!! Ho ho!!) … but the big draw for us was of course the ELEVATORS! (Wesley decided to be a smarty pants and said it was a “Dover man-powered elevator. HA HA!!”)

The REAL elevators were Schindler HT! And that reminds me of our old song…
(and so on and so forth)

We even got to swim in the indoor pool! And you can’t beat those hot tubs … except in the summer when it’s too hot already! Ho ho!!
Later, we finally checked in to our room. It was clean and comfortable. We did come back to Morgantown again in 2015 and hope to return again!

Here’s a video Wesley took of the hotel!

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This old Otis elevator has a new pump

This is at the Triangle Professional Building. The hydraulic pump was replaced on this elevator so it sounds diffrent.

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Vintage Dover Elevator

This is a video of a 1970’s Dover elevator. Enjoy! Ho ho!

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Another Tuesday

Today i’m enjoying yet another Tuesday. But since it’s Tuesday today is also Taco Tuesday! Ho ho!

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