Bloody Red Sauce

Today we also make this sauce that Wesley planned of and it goes horribly wrong since I forgot to take the ingredients out of there casing and let them melt in the pot.

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Big Butt Bear Show: The unboxed Chair

Today we talk about small butt bear’s joke on his yankee’s shirt and sit on a unboxed chair. Ho Ho!

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You tube & Google + and Return

Sorry it’s been so long but im back! Also I have A big butt bear youtube channel and google + page. Ho Ho!

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It’s A Small World Disney World

Here Is My Start Of The Disney World Trip! :)

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Northern Westchester Friend-D

Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil is the original groundhog, but now everyone seems to have their own groundhog. Well I’m tired of that so we brought out our own local prognosticating critter. Please welcome Northern Westchester Friend-D!

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Upcoming Travels

Here Are Some Exciting Travels And Backlogs.
February:Le High Valley Airport & Walt Disney World. Where We Ride Some Cool Elevators And Have A Tour Around Disney’s Beach Club Hotel. Unknown Videos.
March: Stamford CT Backlog:9 Videos: We Ride Some Elevators
From January From Wesley’s Favorite City In Connecticut.
April: New York City: Unknown Videos: This Time Were Planing To Head Down To Lower Manhattan For Elevators!!
July: Morgantown WV: Probably A Hotel Tour And 1 Or 2 Videos. We Stop In Morgantown For The night on the way to Kentucky. Also After Morgantown WV Is Lexington KY: Unknown Videos: We Head To Kentucky For A Christian Event Then Ride Some Elevators.
I Will Force Wesley To Post These Videos

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Why Is My Boy So Lazy

Wesley Is Forgetting To Put BBB Shows On MY CHANNEL And Videos ON MY CHANNEL!!

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M8 Ride Coming Soon

After 9 trys Wesley And I Finaly Got An M8 Train To Stamford! Video Coming Soon

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Uploads From December 1 – 25

It’s Christmas Season Again And My Owners Are Busy With The Holiday Stuff. So Anyway Wesley’s Flip Is Gone Because Of
Broken USB. And My Owners Saying They Are Busy With The Holiday Preparation. So That Means That There Will Probably Not be Any Elevators To Ride Until The Holiday Season is Over. :( Next Weekend Sammi Dance Recital And The Weekend After Guests Coming Over. So all the the weekends are planned so there won’t be any new videos From Now Till Christmas Except Backlogs And Elevator Animations From Wesley. So This Month Their Won’t Be Really Much To See.:(

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Happy Thanksgiving!

After a few weeks of travel I am thankful to be home with Wesley and the rest of my family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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